RECIPE™ Analytics Advanced Virtual Metering and Reporting System

 Why Companies are Choosing RECIPE™ Analytics

RECIPE Analytics is a key tool for creating greater energy efficiency, equipment reliability and effective financial managment. It offers the critical link between facilities performance and business impact using data that is independent of the utility’s metering and billing data. It leverages the value of the information you already own in innovative ways to conserve energy intelligently, lower utility bills and verify utility bills.

RECIPE Analytics helps enterprises reduce energy costs, mitigate risks, streamline compliance and increase operational efficiency.

With RECIPE Analytics executives and facilities operators are applying modern, role-based KPI’s and drill-down analytics to identify areas for improvement within specific KPI’s. Its the tool needed to truly manage energy use.

  RECIPE™ Analytics Explained

RECIPE is the acronym for Reliability, Energy, Cost, Impact, Performance, and Efficiency. These are the key areas that RECIPE™ Analytics offers powerful insights on, unlocking financial intelligence and real business value.

RECIPE Analytics delivers real-time, utility-independent information about your facility’s energy use, cost and power quality based on revenue grade metering and the correct tariff at the meter.

The RECIPE Analytics web portal accesses your energy and power monitoring system (EPMS) data to graphically represent your electricity use in a range of on-line reports. Most importantly, it provides you with insight into your electricity use by providing tools for understanding and managing your electricity use and exploring new ways of controlling or reducing costs.

Facility operators with critical power requirements who have installed Schneider’s StruXureware Power Monitoring Expert (aka: ION) can leverage that infrastructure investment using RECIPE as an energy intelligence solution.

Existing systems fail to cover the last mile. The needed data is being collected but the software is not yet in place to help drive better decision making for energy, operations and financial management.

To realize the full business value of their EPMS investment organizations need to analyze and act based on clear insight. Subscribing to RECIPE™ Analytics takes businesses beyond metering. It aggregates the metered data from your installed energy infrastructure providing you with energy focused business intelligence. RECIPE™’s KPI’s empower your business with the actionable information you need to manage energy costs, increase equipment life, and protect operations.

Only RECIPE Analytics delivers immediately available, accurate energy data analysis and intelligence from an independent metering database, and is not merely repackaged utility billing data on a dashboard.

 Traditional Energy and Power Reporting and the NEW way

Before Recipe

Traditional Energy and Power Reporting

Traditional approaches involve people and lots of time collecting data and aggregating it via error-prone spreadsheets. This approach to energy and power reporting isutterly out of date. Competing energy intelligence schemes merely apply the utility’s meters and billing information. They do not provide an independent data source to verify the utility billing data. Uploading data into spreadsheets and doing manual analysis once money is already spent isn’t intelligent energy management.

Your EPMS can measure billions of energy data points monthly, RECIPE™ Analytics applies that data, analyzes it in near real-time and it delivers surprising insights about potential energy savings, operational efficiencies, performance against benchmarks. More importantly it provides business managers improved visibility into how organizations are using energy, all in real-time – a powerful combination creating a competitive business edge.

After Recipe

Energy and Power Data aggregated using RECIPE™ Analytics

 Why RECIPE™ Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can‘t improve it.” – Lord Kelvin

  • Power consumption is recognized as a key contributor to economic and environmental performance.

  • Power Quality is a key contributor to equipment reliability and facility uptime.

  • According to a 2013 LNS Research study 39% of respondents listed energy metrics as the top challenge in meeting energy efficiency goals.

Advanced software systems now focus on myriad business functions—from manufacturing processes to sales and marketing—tracking and analyzing data, and increasing productivity. Yet the billions of dollars spent annually by U.S. enterprises on energy costs have remained an untamed outlier, thanks to the fragmented state of energy management, decentralized decision making and a disjointed vendor landscape. Now RECIPE Analytics can illuminate the problem, quantify it financially and help you to devise an optimal solution.

Other Energy Intelligence Solution offerings rely on utility meters and billing data, or require a new metering infrastructure. RECIPE leverages your existing Energy and Power Monitoring System’s infrastructure to provide utility independent, revenue grade, real-time data necessary for a true energy intelligence solution.

Besides a truly independent and accurate alternative to utility based systems, RECIPE is the only Energy Intelligence Solution that provides information on Power Quality. RECIPE’s reports include information on Sag/Swell, Duration, Magnitude and THD. No other energy intelligence offering covers all aspects of your facilities energy picture.

When it comes to energy cost forecasting and reconciling the actual bills, there’s no better solution. RECIPE™ Analytics ties the meter data to the actual utility tariff billed at that meter, regardless of where it is or what it is metering. RECIPE energy use and cost reports are revenue grade accurate.* The RECIPE™ web portal Finance section includes energy cost and use forecasts as well as an accrual and reconciliation feature. RECIPE& can even calculate “unbundled” bills if you are buying your energy independent of your utility. RECIPE is simply a better way to manage your utility bills and to check the utility bills for accuracy.

 Beyond Metering

While the Energy and Power Monitoring System does a great job of gathering energy related data, unlocking the benefits that data can provide can be a considerable challenge. The EPMS’s data is meter focused, very granular and detailed, making it difficult to get a big picture view. Data must be aggregated, filtered, and then correlated across multiple sources and over time present actionable knowledge. RECIPE uses advanced Virtual Metering techniques to aggregate meter data. Virtual Metering capability, aggregates energy use over business functions, departments, projects etc. No more tedious spreadsheets!

RECIPE™ Analytics can integrate data from your installed EPMS infrastructure and utility tariffs to provide visibility to trends in usage, costs, and efficiencies across all locations, sub-locations and even specific equipment.

RECIPE™ Analytics brings this information together in one place and provides Business Intelligence capabilities; trending graphs, dashboards, near real-time monitors, exception alerts, location comparison reports and detailed analysis capabilities.

Any number or combination of physical electrical meters located throughout your facilities are mathematically aggregated as several virtual meter groups or accounts. A virtual meter clearly defines the energy consumption to be attributed to each department, building, project and important indicators like PUE or DCiE. By monitoring energy consumption at the device, department and enterprise level, RECIPE Analytics can identify opportunities for energy savings.

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 Virtual Metering example adding PDU meters to create an IT Equipment VM


Virtual Metering example adding PDU meters to create an IT Equipment VM


Real-time Data Center PUE Virtual Meter and trend plot


Combining Virtual Meters to track corporate wide Data Center PUE

No user configuration is necessary and new virtual meter accounts can be added or removed easily in “the cloud”. A history of meters and/or accounts is available where the physical meters have provided data and that includes before the installation of RECIPE.

No need to manually aggregate meter or billing data using tedious error prone spread sheets, RECIPE automates those reporting tasks unlocking greater business value transforming energy into a controllable cost. Why not spend your time doing something productive like devising an effective demand reduction solution?

 Not all electrons are created equally

RECIPE™ Analytics energy sustainability reporting ties the electrons to their source to enable an accurate measurement of your facility’s energy related carbon footprint. Some of your electricity may come from coal fired power plants, some from Natural Gas, and others from “green” or renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro.

RECIPE ties the source to the meter, calculating the true carbon footprint of the electrons being used. Electricity generated by coal is much dirtier than Natural Gas so RECIPE accurately calculates your energy carbon footprint by the source not using a broad guestimate based on a single carbon impact formula. Using RECIPE& Analytics your corporate energy carbon impact reporting is accurate, convenient and timely.

 RECIPE™ Analytics enables your organization to

  • Compare electricity use
    • You can use RECIPE™ Analytics reports to compare data across different equipment, multiple sites or regions, etc.
  • Highlight problem areas
    • Comparing data between sites or regions can help you make informed decisions about reducing your electricity consumption and reducing energy costs.
  • Reduce utility tariff impact
    • By understanding and managing your demand through RECIPE™ Analytics, you can reduce the impact of utility tariffs where applicable.
  • Access data easily
    • RECIPE™ Analytics is a web-based tool. You can access your data online anytime.
  • Schedule email reports
    • You can schedule reports to be automatically emailed to certain people at nominated times.
  • Share data with the right people
    • RECIPE™ Analytics customers receive unlimited user IDs so all necessary employees and third party consultants can access your data.
Schneider Electric Logo *RECIPE works with Schneider’s ION 6.0 systems and newer versions called StruxureWare® Power Monitoring Expert