Recipe Family of Products

Why are multiple Fortune 5000 companies relying on RECIPE™ for their Financial forecasting, Operations and Sustainability?

RECIPE™ provides the information at the fingertips for several executive roles in the company:



Used by company's Finance department to determine energy cost forecasts, accruals and help for reconcile of monthly utility bills.


Used by the facilities professionals to determine peak site demand, total demand, percent of capacity, power quality events and more.


Find out the carbon footprint of your company with this informative sustainability snapshot.


Utilize this snapshot for communications status to devices, network diagrams, disc space and more.

Example of a Time-of-Use based Cost report


Example of the Finance Key Performance Data

Cost Indication June 2024

Cost forecast Jun

Jun Last Year

Energy use MTD

Energy FC for Jun

Building details are listed below.



581,910 kWh

1,454,775 kWh

RECIPE™ Cost: Forecast, Accrual and Reconcile

RECIPE™ renowned cost reports give a complete analysis of your energy use, both in the past, as well forecast!.

Recognized by industry leaders as given the most detail, the cost reports analyze the energy use and demand, for each moment of the day. This builds an accurate reconciliation of your energy bill, in a clear and transparent way.

For cost forecasting, RECIPE™ uses forecast algorithms learning the use of the building. For example, a datacenter (more constant energy use) will be forecasted different than an office building.

The great thing is that these reports are easy accessible for anyone who knows how to use a browser (like you do now). A few clicks, and within a few seconds, you will have the latest cost consolidated forecast of all the buildings.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that you do not need to enter the always changing rate information? Because Alchemy, Inc takes care of all this! To setup the cost reports, the only information we need is your utility and the tariff(s) being used. That's it.