RECIPE™ Analytics

Why are multiple Fortune 500 companies relying on RECIPE™ Analytics for their utility Financial forecasting, critical Operations and reliability, energy IT infrastructure, and corporate Sustainability?

RECIPE™ provides in depth information at your fingertips for these organizations:



Provides accurate, timely energy cost forecasts, end of month accruals, and reconciliation of utility bills.


Defines success indicators for quality and reliability of service, capacity planning, and power quality impacts.


Balance all alternative energy sources for cost, carbon content, and optimize your energy portfolio global footprint.


Share energy data via installed IT infrastructure bandwidth and capacity, reliably and securely.

Example of the Finance Key Performance Data

Cost Indication July 2024
Current (July 2024)
Cost forecast       $129,214
Energy Use Forecast (kWh)       872,879
Energy Use MTD (kWh)       422,361
Last Year (July 2023)
Cost       $122,796
Est. Cost Yr/Yr (%)       +5.2%
Energy (kWh)       873,817
Energy Use Yr/Yr (%)       -0.1%

RECIPE™ Energy Cost: Forecast, Accrual and Bill Reconcile

RECIPE™ Analytics renowned energy cost reports analyze consumption and demand using utility supplier tariffs for accurate forecasts BEFORE the end of the month financial close process. When the utility bill finally arrives, immediately reconcile the bill against your accrual report. Gain control of these costs instead of just paying bills.

Recognized by industry leaders as the best in class utility cost reporting process, RECIPE™ energy cost reports match the data to the utility bills in a clear and transparent way so you can gain control.

For cost forecasting, RECIPE™ Analytics uses predictive Energy and Demand Analytics. Adaptive forecasting algorithms learn building energy patterns, and adapt to latest data.forecast algorithms based on the particular energy fingerprint of each building. The energy cost forecast process becomes repeatable, accurate, and timely – which allows analysts to focus on their job instead of pushing bills around.

RECIPE™ cost reports are configured using your existing utility bills, and then maintained for all utility tariff and rate changes as part of the subscription service.